Magnimage and Jstron are leading in the Industry!

Brilliantly made Magnimage EC Series and Magnificient features of Jstron HDR-10 Bit Video Switchers and Processors are tempting many LED Screens users to go with these models.

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Technical Specifications

8K@60Hz - HDMI 2.1 "Armour" Cable

One of the best HDMI cables in the industry with more reliability.

  • 48GBPS
  • Roxtone drums PCD235/310
  • AOC
  • Available in Several Sizes

Technical Specifications

Fiber Extenders - HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, DVI 4K, SDI, CAT6, XLR Audio & Many more!

One of the best products that have been on trend in the event industry by LED Screen rental partners and fixed installation and AV projects!

4K HDMI Fiber Extenders - Technical Spec

Fiber Extenders - Many variants

Made for the LED Screen, AV and Broadcast Operations

Single and Multi mode!

More Fiber Extenders -Technical Spec

10G- SFP Modules for Novastar & Colorlight controllers

Available in Single Mode and Multi Mode

100% quality assured and trusted product for high-end operations - Compatible with Novastar and Colorloght Video Controllers and Fiber Extenders

For Novastar VX, CVT, MCTRL, & H Series

Cue Commander | Perfect Cue & Super Cue Series

One of the phenomenal products in the AV and LED Screen Industry!

Incredibly not uncommon to see this extraordinary device in LIVE Conferences.

By the way, check our new product Super Cue Pro.

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Perfect Cue & Super Cue

HDMI 2.0 Splitters / Distributors

Trusted and reliable product made for the LED Screen operations!

1 in 4 out and 1 in 8 out

HDMI 2.0 DA - Technical Spec

HDMI to Cat6 Extenders ( 1 Tx : 8 Rx Cascading )

One of the best and most highly reliable HDMI to Cat6 Extenders which supports cascading function up to 240 meters.

100% quality tested!

HDMI to Cat6 - 240 Meters

Recorder X1

One of the best products in the AV, Broadcast, LED Screen, Medical and industries

It is 4K Video recorders with all the inputs

For more details, you can click below.

4K Video recorder - Spec

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