AV Master!

Shenzhen AV Master Technology Co., Ltd

AV Master was born to provide reliable and top-notch solutions for our clients.

As a techie, we lacked efficient and incredible solutions to assist our clients. We soon realized that from the market, many clients felt the same lack of options they could trust with their eyes closed. It felt like we had to do something to make things better. We also wanted to start a business that could be a force for good.

We decided to follow our hearts. We dug into numerous products from our industry experts. And we decided we had to provide them.

And in just over a few years, what started as an experiment with our clients has now turned into a trusty brand, available to serve its first 3,000+ customers. We sell worldwide and on several leading online platforms.

Indeed, every year along the way, we want to be better than we were before and constantly innovate to have the best products possible.

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Pony Cheng - Director

Pony Cheng is passionate about LED Screen technology. He is committed to making great solutions. His efforts to find a reliable solution led him to start this venture. Pony Cheng is always keen to provide top-notch solutions for clients worldwide. His valuable contributions and commendable efforts have made AV Master reach an outstanding level in the industry. Before starting AV Master, Mr.Cheng worked as a South East Asia Sales Manager at Xiamen RGBlink Science and Technology Co., Ltd and then as Global Sales Director at Hirender. He holds an MBA from one of the leading universities in China.




Jack holds over a decade of sales experience. He worked in the LED Screen Companies and Novastar. He was a Regional Manager for several regions while working with Novastar. He holds a Master's degree in Marketing from University in China. 





Bhavani Raj

Bhavani Raj is the creative brain and handles sales and marketing of AV Master. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, sales, graphic design, and video art, he has given AV Master its distinctive identity and brand language. Through the course of his creative career, he has done projects for several large multinational clients. He has received his formal training in the field of visual arts. Bhavani Raj is a fantastic marketer! He is committed to ensuring that a positive impact on our business and our led screen clients rental and fixed clients remains the core focus of the brand as it grows.