Magnimage MIG-630C Video Switcher

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MIG-630C series products are the video processors that focus on large LED display system, which used the most advanced image processing chip with 12 bits digital processing to make more distinct image and abundant color. The advanced interlaced scanning self-adoption technology, it can eliminate the trailing and flaw in the motion of video. For the normal PAL/NTSC video, the output image will be more clearly. While for the HD 1080i signal, it can enrich the detail of image and color, and make the quality of image as the leading level in the industry. 

Complete video image input and output ports, which involve 6xVGA/CVBS ,4xDVI, one SDI extended port, one digital signal extend port, 3 sets of signal output port and each set contains 1 channel DVI and VGA output. It achieves multiple analog and digital signal compound and separated input. Furthermore, it supports manifold switch effects, such as: short cut, fade in/out, Marginal dissolution etc, and it can adjust the effect time to satisfy the various requirements. 

It has internal image layer processing technology that can run 3 synchronous images, which support adding LOGO, black screen and freezing image.

Furthermore, chroma key are also available, which can finish Caption overlay and image amalgamation.
Human-machine interface makes the operation easier and more simply Completed hardware architecture makes it Stable and reliable. 

Technical Specifications:

  • 12 channels of compound analog and digital signal input 
  • Fade in/out, seamless switching etc 16 effects 
  • LOGO save and call 
  • Chroma key 
  • Preview function 
  • Image crop 
  • 3 synchronous images output 
  • Image freeze 
  • 10 presets 
  • 12 input and 3 output compound matrix 
  • Support 3 set of image output(DVI+ VGA)port 
  • Customized input resolution 
  • Support template saving and calling Black screen 

Download the technical specification sheet here - LINK

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