HDMI to Cat6 Extenders - Multiple cascading!

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This extender consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Transmitter is for the completion of signal acquisition and compression, the receiver for the completion of signal decoding and port allocation, the middle of the transmission medium for high-quality CAT5e/6 cable, support 120 meters point to point transmission, support multiple receivers with a switch, Max.

Technical Specifications:

  • Using broadcast bandwidth balanced transmission, anti-interference, support point to point 120 meters transmission;
  • Supports Cat5 / Cat6 / single shield / unshielded twisted pair real-time point-to-point, point-to-multipoint transmission of images and audio signals;
  • VGA signal support 1920 X1080 @ 60Hz resolution, backward compatible with a variety of resolutions;
  • HDMI signal support 1080P @ 60Hz resolution, backward compatible with a variety of resolutions;
  • KVM products support keyboard, mouse remote operation;
  • POE-enabled products that can be connected to POE-enabled switches without adapter power supply;
  • Support IR IR return function;
  • With signal 3dB gain or pre-compensation to ensure that the signal high-definition true reduction;
  • Lightning protection, dust, anti-static, to extend the service life;
  • Can be through the switch / router and other relay equipment to achieve cascade and zoom transmission, to achieve an extension of 240 meters.

Download the technical specification sheet here - LINK

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