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CUE is a light and sound signaling system, It can use a wireless hand-held actuator to send the "Page down", "Page up" and " Screen Blank" commands to the receiver, accompanied by sound and light as a reminder.

CUE uses high data rate RF protocol to provides fast response to wireless transmission, strong anti-interference and long transmission distance。

Built-in analog keyboard, USB remote control through the demo application.

You can use Cat 5 and XLR to cascade two actuators to ensure the consistency of the two actuators

 Technical Specifications:

  • Up to 400m distance of remote control
  • Two channels allow controlling and switching PPT in 2 laptops simultaneously
  • With 2 remotes, one main, one backup
  • Support multiple cascade
  • Professionally switching the PPT in any big conference

Two Laptops can be controlled in parallel


 Can be used as Main + Backup

Can be used as Current Page +Next Page

Can be used as

English PPT + Content (Videos, Images or any)

Main Screen -Current Page

(View able to Audience) & Next Page can be viewed to the Speaker on the stage

 Download the technical specification sheet here - LINK

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