Roxtone PCD380 Professional unbreakable cable drum with winder - Ø 380 mm

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Professional unbreakable cable drum which is designed and developed by ROXTONE itself, suitable for various of long cables. Frame is made from robust PC (Polycarbonate) with integrated handle and brake, drum is made from a special PE composite materials with detachable cable feeder. It has a lot of advantages, such as light weight, crush resistance, resistance to fall off, not easy to deformation, oil resistance, anti-UV and so on.

Technical Specifications :

  • Capacity depends on different outer diameter of cables

·        Diameter

·        Length

·        ∅6.0mm

·        304m

·        ∅7.0mm

·        223m

·        ∅8.0mm

·        171m

·        ∅9.0mm

·        135m

·        ∅10.0mm

·        109m

·        ∅11.0mm

·        90m

·        ∅14.0mm

·        56m

·        ∅15.0mm

·        49m

·        ∅16.5mm

·        40m

·        ∅18.0mm

·        34m

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