Magnimage LED-550D Series - LED Video Processor

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LED-550D series products are the video processor developed for the large screen display system, adopted the top image processing chips, internal 12 bits processing, with clearer images and richer colors. Advanced alternate motion picture processing technology, to remove video motion tail or jagged, for the normal PAL/NTSC video, output image will be clearer, for the HD 1080i signal, output image details will be rich, full color and image quality is in the leading level. Advanced image scaling technology, support user-defined output resolution, single unit can support horizontal resolution 3840 at maximum, vertical resolution 1920 at maximum, refresh frequency rate 120Hz, can upgrade the output signal bandwidth utilization greatly; furthermore, also can use the traditional standard output resolution, then scaling the output image by pixel to pixel according to the real size of the LED screen. Accurate dual picture input image intercepting function, can realize the pixel-to-pixel display and material fusion. Intellectualized large size LED screen seamless splicing technique, the user just needs to have simple setting, they could realize that to send card picture splicing, can support 24576×24576 lattice LED screen; Unique synchronized moving technology, ensure high speed motion picture fluently without tail or derangements. Perfect video image input port, including 2×VGA, 1×DP, 1×DVI (can be extended for 2 DVI simultaneous input), 1×HDMI 、2×video (PAL/NTSC) , 1×SDI (optional), support full HD signal input, can be connected with various audio and video equipment. Support seamless switch between different input signal sources and picture in picture function. The whole unit is with pure hardware framework, steady and reliable.

 Technical Specifications:

  • Support user-defined output resolution, maximum horizontal 3840 pixel, and maximum vertical 1920 pixel. l Support DVI port input resolution intelligent lock function.
  • Input picture fast switching, as many as 20 switching effect. l
  • Picture and text overlay, cut out composite function, convenience to achieve the effect of the captions superposed and image compound.
  • The multi-machine prompt restore function of working mould is convenience for you to switch rapidly in a variety of applications.
  • Input hot backup function, allow you to be no longer embarrassed in case of sudden loss of the input signal.

Download the technical specification sheet here - LINK

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