Significance of Super Cue Standard and Pro - Enhanced Version of Cue Clickers

Recent advances in technology have had a greater impact on and been more beneficial to the event management and LED Screen, AV  Rental companies than earlier changes. However, we came up with the Super Cue and its variants – Supercue Mini, Super Cue Standard, SuperCue Pro .

A visual version of the q system

Super cue mini or supercue standard or perfect cue?

There is no doubt that some earlier advances in technology have been very influential, such as those related to the perfectcue system, cue light, speaker timer, deliberator, perfect cue slide advancer, and Perfect Cue Mini. Devices such as Perfect Cue, perfect cue micro, perfect cue remote, laser pointer pen or laserpointer were invented a few years ago, and now nearly every LED Screen rental company, AV, and Event Management have all or some of these in their production house, making their work much easier. Though they have been improved over time, they still carry out much the same purpose as when they were first invented. 

However, if we look at some more recent developments, they have had a much greater influence than in the present. For instance, there is the Super Cue Versions, which is a significant development when invented to help many professionals. However, although developed a year ago, technological developments over the last few years have enabled the cue systems to now super cue light versions This has had incredible impacts on the way professionals use the 433 MHz digital communication technology for the small, medium, and large scale conferences.

Super Cue has some first-rate features like a countdown function (timer function), call timing template, HDMI Output, Prompter, and rechargeable remotes.

Super Cue Clicker versions are tempting

More importantly, you can connect up to 6 laptops with touchscreen functionality. 

Check the difference here between the super cue versions
Super Cue Standard with Timer function